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Rural Business Network

The Rural Business Network (RBN) provides an opportunity for rural based business people to participate in professional development to grow their businesses through networking and learning.  The RBN aims to connect with a variety of people involved in the rural sector from farm business to agri-business.  This creates an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by others.  Through the RBN, businesses are connected across different sectors of the primary industry to share ideas and identify innovative opportunities. 

The RBN operates through a network of locally based Hubs throughout New Zealand.  At quarterly meetings, farmers, rural professionals and others (of all ages) can meet motivated, innovative rural business people who understand that collaboration and cooperation builds successful businesses.  

The RBN aims to deliver four key outcomes at each meeting:

  • Interesting, relevant key note speakers
  • Question and Answer sessions for in-depth understanding
  • Networking
  • Socialising

Networks are throughout the country so if you wish to attend any events other than your local Network, you are more than welcome!

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Latest News

South Canterbury Hub Update

We have just completed our Evaluation Report (which includes the Rural Business Network) for our funders and the South Canterbury RBN hub has come under close scrutiny. 

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Fully subsidised Rural Mentor programme helps new business

Emma Buchanan - Soter Rural Compliance has benefited from the fully subsidised Rural Mentor programme funded by Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) and DairyNZ.  Emma applied for a mentor back in 2015 and hasn't looked back.  Emma says "It proved invaluable.

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ANZ chief economist Cameron Bagrie at Waikato RBN

Cameron shared his thoughts focussing on where he believed both domestic and global trends would lead us over the short to medium term.

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