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Mentor Recommended on TV1 Breakfast Show

Posted by on 2 August 2017

Recently on the TV1 Breakfast show two very short videos featuring Jason Minkhorst, Director, Farm Source discussing the benefits of having a mentor for farming businesses were featured.  To hear his views, click the links below. 

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Working Less Key to Running a Better Business for New Parents

Posted by on 4 July 2017

Kiwis are not known for their willingness to ask for help when they need it, but reaching out has seen one Cantabrian family strike a balance between the demands of a dairy farm and new baby.

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New Ticketing System and the Changes

Posted by Daile Jones on 18 April 2017

We are changing how we do things at RBN with an overhaul of our ticketing system.  It will look different but will work much better.

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South Canterbury Hub Update

Posted by on 29 November 2016

We have just completed our Evaluation Report (which includes the Rural Business Network) for our funders and the South Canterbury RBN hub has come under close scrutiny. 

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Fully subsidised Rural Mentor programme helps new business

Posted by on 26 October 2016

Emma Buchanan - Soter Rural Compliance has benefited from the fully subsidised Rural Mentor programme funded by Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) and DairyNZ.  Emma applied for a mentor back in 2015 and hasn't looked back.  Emma says "It proved invaluable. Having someone to bounce ideas off and hold me accountable to my goals made such a difference."

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ANZ chief economist Cameron Bagrie at Waikato RBN

Posted by on 1 March 2016

Cameron shared his thoughts focussing on where he believed both domestic and global trends would lead us over the short to medium term.  To read more click here[]

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Institute of Directors 'Rural Governance Essentials' course

Posted by on 28 May 2015

Mrs Rebecca Warburton was the winner of the Rural Governance Essentials Course drawn on 18 June using Random.Org.

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Fully Subsidised Rural Mentor Programme Offered

Posted by on 6 May 2015

An experienced Business Mentor can inspire and guide you to help your business succeed.

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Future Farms Conference 2014

Posted by on 18 December 2014

Earlier in the year RBN was given a complimentary ticket to the 2014 Future Farms Conference.  A draw was made from those that entered and had attended an RBN event.  Lara Sutton from KPMG was the lucky winner.  Here is her feedback:

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Sir Graham Henry - well received at Waikato RBN

Posted by on 24 October 2014

Sir Graham Henry - was inspirational and kept the crowd captivated with an insight into his life as a coach.  Much of what he shared can be applied to our own businesses and life in general.  

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