Institute of Directors 'Rural Governance Essentials' course

Posted by on 28 May 2015

Mrs Rebecca Warburton was the winner of the Rural Governance Essentials Course drawn on 18 June using Random.Org.

Congratulations Rebecca!

I was fortunate enough to attend the Rural Governance Essentials Course which was run by the Institute of Directors.

It was a fantastic course which provided me with a great overview of what governance is and is not and plenty of practical tools to take away and use within

I came to realise how important these skills are whether you aspire to directorships or not as the knowledge gained from this course enabled me to see how I can bring some great resources to the rural community groups I am involved in as well as communicating effectively within my professional life enabling those working within a board structure utilise the information I provide more effectively.

Gaining insight and understanding of governance to a greater depth has allowed me to implement some great skills that are useful in many situations beyond the board room.

I was also reminded of all the fabulous courses Institute of Directors run and I would highly recommend the Rural Governance Essentials Course to anyone looking to develop skills to carry into governance rolesĀ  as well as those looking to bring some value to their roles within family run farms looking to create more structure and formality within their farm businesses to extract the value of a board structure.

I am grateful for the opportunity to attend such a worthwhile course.

Rebecca Warburton

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